This is part of the style series for “What to Wear For Your Family Photo Shoot.”  Get the basics so you’ll know where to start.

*Remember, you’re creating memories to look back on for years to come. 


  • Wear characters on your clothing (Batman, Mickey Mouse, Nike).
  • Match with the same tops, same bottoms, or same colors.  This will date you back 20 years!
  • Include too many patterns (checkers with florals with plaid).
  • Add too many colors (especially if they don’t work together).
  • Wear inappropriately for the season (tank tops for winter).
  • Overdress like you’re going to a wedding.


  • Rule of thumb is to dress your Sunday best (Denim is allowed though).
  • Add your own flare.
  • Include some patterns in a couple outfits.
  • Choose a dark color as your base.
  • Denim/khaki/corduroys are great for bases.
  • Include about 3-5 colors.
  • Use different textures and fabrics for interest.
  • Make sure your colors are complimentary (artistically and/or metaphorically!) For example- Pink and orange may not be the best combinations for your bright colors.
  • Keep in mind the colors of your home if you want to use photos for your walls.
  • Be mindful of details like jewelry and shoes. (Sneakers may not work for every outfit.)

(A reminder that I am by no means a fashion blogger or stylist!  These are my observations from 3 years of family photography.)

Are you at a loss on how to stylistically coordinate the whole family?? Need some examples or inspiration on what to wear?  No worries, the first question I get asked is what they should wear.  So I created a mood board (a stylistic collage) of possible clothing combinations for a family, using a classic color like navy as their main color.  Check that post out here.