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It’s always interesting to see what the family chooses as their favorites to be printed and what I love from the collection.  These are some of my favorites from a session in late fall 2017.  The red brick wall mom had spotted and requested photos in front of it.  What a gorgeous contrast!  The kids at this age are not so shy and they had the best smiles for me.  What a smooth shoot it was!


Late Fall Family Photos: Classic in Black

Mona the family dog with her cute orange scarf 😉

Fall photos are popular and fun for family photos because of the gorgeous foliage.  There are so many colors to work with!  Since there’s a lot of competition for the eyes, as a photographer I have to be careful the colors don’t take attention away from my focus- the family.

I loved this shoot of a returning family who chose a late fall shoot. They chose black and denim for a casual look, and pulled in color from their accessories.  And this time dad brought in the main color, with a confident and vibrant pumpkin-colored orange to complete their family wardrobe.

Even Mona the dog had a cute orange scarf!

Black works here really well because dark colors works for winter/cold/late fall.  They look cozy!  Being that their shoot last year with me was in the summer, this adds variety to their collection of yearly family photos.

Try doing a shoot in different seasons every year!

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They used a bold orange that works great with the rest of the black and helps dad stand out. Scarves acted as fun accessories. Keep to your own style and make it fun!