Are you confused about what lifestyle photography is?  When you are looking for family portraits are you always coming across this term?  What’s the difference between lifestyle photography and other photography? You may not even know you’re searching for lifestyle photography when you come across family photographers.

Lifestyle photography captures mostly unposed and candid moments where the subjects may or may not be looking right at the camera.

Lifestyle photography is journalistic and includes some storytelling.  This is in contrast to classical portraiture where the subject is looking straight at the camera posed a certain way.

Lifestyle photography has increased in popularity and has become the alternative to in-studio photography.  It is casual, informal, and interactive.  Do you remember those school portraits you took every year?  That’s NOT lifestyle photography.

Family lifestyle photography will often be:

  • parents playing with their children
  • kids chasing each other
  • lots of laughter
  • hugs between family members
  • and all the moments in-between!

I call myself a lifestyle photographer because in addition to posing my families during our sessions, I try to capture interactive portraits as well.

There are other lifestyle photographers out that fall on different areas of the spectrum on how journalistic they are.  Lisa Tichane, a lifestyle photographer, is much more documentary than I am.  She doesn’t pose her subjects or guide them on what to wear.

In my sessions I may ask you to play or tickle your kids, throw them up in the air, have you hoist them over your shoulders, ask you to pretend to talk to each other, hug each other, or ask a you to give a child a kiss on the cheek.  This sets up the “unposed” pose for us to capture candid, fun moments!

The shoots can take place indoors or outdoors.  For me, I work mostly outdoors at my preferred locations such as a local park, Belle Isle, Cranbrook grounds, Rochester Municipal Park, and downtown Birmingham (where I have figured out the lighting and backdrop of the location).

How much “lifestyle” do I give you versus posed shots?  I find most of my clients like a mixture of lifestyle shots and posed, classic shots.  Usually it is 60% traditional and 40% lifestyle.  My clients usually prefer various shots of the family members looking straight at the camera, posed nicely, and in different environmental backgrounds.

However, it varies from family to family.  When we begin the pre-consultations through emails, we will customize your shoot to meet your requests.  Email me at if you have any questions!

capturing silly moments
capturing tender moments with a newborn  


planning out moments like this where the kisses are perfectly timed 🙂